Butterfly / Press back

When using the Butterfly/Press Back training machine, the butterfly exercise provides optimal training of the chest and delta muscles which play an important role for muscle abduction and adduction, as well as the internal rotation of the extended arm. During the Press Back exercise, the device acts as a multi-functional posture stabilizer for training the pectoralis whilst including the arm muscles and strengthening the midsection of the shoulder blade muscles.

  • including movement limiters
  • infinitely height-adjustable seat
  • starting position and width of the training arm individually adjustable
  • including special noise reduction elements between the weights

Teknisk data

WEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS: 5 x 3 kg / 10 x 5 kg
EQUIPMENT DIMENSIONS (DxHxW): 122 x 163 x 142 cm
OVERALL WEIGHT: approx. 302 kg